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Now, more than ever,we need our artcommunity.

Being an artist  can be exhausting. But you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

If you tell that to your non-artist friends, they don’t get it. 

Of course, they listen - they’re your friends! They do their best to understand, but they still give you that side eye when you get excited about how colors vibrate and sing.  

So you don’t talk about it.

Unless (until) you find your people.

And then you’re home.

You can BE YOURSELF and it’s all OK.

You can geek out on all the magic that happens when you mix Cadmium Orange and Turquoise to get the most delicious gray. 

And if you told me how you hit the canvas with a stroke of pure Cerulean and described how the two colors vibrated and sang, I would totally get it.